Inter-University Program for Latino Research

The Inter-University Program for Latino Research, is a consortium of
University based centers dedicated to the advancement of the Latino
intellectual presence in the United States. IUPLR works to expand the pool
of Latino scholars and leaders and increase the availability of
policy-relevant Latino-focused research. With headquarters at the University
of Notre Dame, and Washington DC, IUPLR work to strengthen the network of
centers and to enhance their institutional capacity. IUPLR objectives are to
promote comparative, interdisciplinary, and policy-focused research; develop
collaborative national programs that support Latino students and faculty in
higher education; established collaborative projects with scholars in the
arts, culture and the humanities; and to disseminate publications generated
by the IUPLR national network of scholars.

Centro at Hunter College, CUNY and the Dominican Studies Institute City College, CUNY are members.

See their website for information on conferences, grants and national news in Education and Latino Studies.

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